TNPLH | Urban Installation

There's No Place Like Home

Video Projection and Urban Installation

DVD 8' (fragment) Musica by Jonathan Gardner

RetroActiva | Nit de l'Art 2010, Palma de Mallorca.

“…The images of my feet walking to the Tate, together with the moving landscape heading us to Palma Airport, are related to the idea of traveling and change implied in the City. On the other hand, the red shoes hanging in different places across the city, refer to Dorothy’s magic shoes on her trip to Oz and the idea of movement as a tool to chase and escape from our own identity.”

“There’s No Place Like Home” is a project intended for installation in a specific urban location in the streets of Palma. It approaches the idea of travel as a dream as well as the concept of movement and change implied in the city. The video is projected directly on the ancient walls of the Convent La Purísima Concepción and illustrates a symbolic journey which combines two separated and superimposed paths. One is a moving landscape that transports us from my home in Mallorca to Palma Airport. Represents the home-city as a reference point and shelter from which we try to escape, but where we always need to return. The second one is a spiritual journey marked by my feet walking in the streets of London from my studio to the Tate Gallery and refers to the idea of walking as constant change and to the concept of voyeur, as if I was spying my own feet and I was guarding them to check where they are leading me in that escape and search for my own identity.

​Both images are overlaid in the video and merged with hundreds of animated silhouettes of people walking. The projection is complemented by the physical presence of dozens of shoes of pairs painted in red and hanging from wires, poles and trees visible to the passerby in different locations of the city of Palma.

The title of the project and the red color are a nod to the magic slippers and words that Dorothy uses during her trip to Oz to return home and reach her own desires. Just like in the Wizard of Oz itself, the concepts of journey/route points out directly to the path of our existence and to our struggling for finding ourselves through life experiences.

“There’s No Place Like Home” tries to develop ideas such as continuous movement as a journey to discover, confront and escape from our reality. It also talks about the concepts of movement related to our security, constant change and transfer from locality to universality… Ultimately, meditation about life and death as well as search for our own identity, for the place where we belong… are some of the basic notions underpinning this project.