511 Gallery | Solo Exhibition

New York City, US

April 2007

Press Note | 511 Gallery

On behalf of 511 GALLERY, we are pleased to present new work by Spanish artist Marian Moratinos in her second solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled The Artificial Order. Moratinos presents a re-vision of the New York City experience through her layered compositions. Each work captures a fragmented view of the “metropolis,” offering a conceptual approach to examining the diversity, architecture, noise, and people of New York.

In this series, fragmented, serialized and recurrent images of the city are combined with human figures against silhouettes of trees and branches. Moratinos explores this conceptual view of the city through digital photography, incorporating methods of silkscreen, painting and drawing. In The Artificial Order, the artist returns to the urban setting, which she excavated in her earlier series of The Metropolis Project. However, it is in these new works that Moratinos incorporates color into her usual compositions of stark blacks, grays, ivories and whites, thus advancing her technique and energizing the imagery within. Blues, oranges, reds and yellows increase tension between the various layers of images, while playfully juxtaposing the negative and positive space. Various groups of multi-layered silkscreens over aluminum, mixed media installations and wall panels capture digital stills of a pulsing New York street scene. These pulsations take on vein-like extensions in the forms of superimposed images of tree branches whose rhythmic shapes reflect the pace of the busy streets and vast web of buildings, which form New York’s daily habitat.

Representing a view of the bustling vision of the “metropolis,” Moratinos calls attention to both the chaos and order of the city. While the pulse of the city is often chaotic, there also exists an imposed order by New York’s grid-like layout and constrictive architecture. As a distant observant, Moratinos filters reality and manipulates the imagery, inventing a new landscape and an artificial order that she seeks and imposes.