SO ME | Solo Exhibition

The Slade School of Art, UCL London

Artist in residence program sponsored by Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation Grant

July - September 2008

"So Me" project was presented as a revision of the London City experience and was explored through digital photography, silkscreen, painting and drawing on big size papers. Each work captures a fragmented view of the metropolis, investigating the relationship between the city and its anonymous and diverse people as a tool to approach my own identity while looking through the others.

This work was created during a summer art residency at The Slade School of Art and it was sponsored by Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. I had the privilege of being provided with a private studio within the facilities of the campus and the chance to use the screen printing workshop where I worked with the assistance of the technitians of the center. The work was exhibited at The Slade School of Art later on.