Mural painting 25 m x 4 m Location: Tennis practise wall at Rafa Nadal Foundation (Anantapur, India) February 2018 Curated by Antoni Torres Martorell

The Anantapur Art Walk (MataOmbres) is a project commissioned by Fundación Vicente Ferrer with the aim to contribute to the promotion of their work, to be a gateway to their development mission and a way to raise awareness on health, hygiene, education and rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged people from rural communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in southern India. This unprecedented project links India and Spain through the works of 14 leading visual artists from the the Balearic Islands who travelled to India to create specific permanent works within an Art route in Anantapur. A collection of graphic art works made by the artists were sold via the Vicente Ferrer Foundation as a way to fundraise the building of several schools in some of the villages covered under the RDT’s integral development programme. I was honoured to be part of this project after being commissioned to design and produce a site specific illustration for the tennis practise wall at Rafa Nadal Foundation Tennis Center in Anantapur.

Mural painting production

To create this mural design I used photographic images of the local children attending the Tennis School (Rafa Nadal Foundation), well-know architectural symbols of the city, like the TV tower, and popular vegetation like the papaya trees. I started by creating a digital sketch that I later projected onto the huge wall in 5 different sections. Once the image was traced on the wall, it was later painted using flat pre-mixed colours with the help of the children and RDT staff. The 25-metre wall was thus transformed in a grand nine-day collaboration in which everyone helped, from architects, coordinators, volunteers and the children. This work aims to pay homage to the local children of Anantapur and I hope it can contribute to bring some colour in their lives and motivate them to engage in sports.

The big challenge of working on this mural painting became a unique experience and opportunity to combine art and cooperation. I will be forever grateful for the honesty and tenderness of the locals and to everyone who helped and made this work possible.

I would like to thank for all the help and support in one way or another to: Xisco Mercadal, Arancha Alvear, Daniel Knight, Sai Krishna, Rosa Estrella, Laura González, Candela Nadal, and Dada Peer from RDT team; to the curator Antoni Torres and the organiser Isabel Pizà; to Lluc Alemany, Ana Torán and rest of the team from FVF; to the artists colleagues who helped me with all the painting (Enric Riera, Julia Ribas, Carles Guash, Adrián Cardona, Marc Jesús Vives, Paca Florit, JL Menéndez Rojas, Esther Olondriz, Luis Maraver, Beatriz Polo, Mariano Mayol, Joan Costa, Joan Aguiló); and very special thanks to Sharan, Manasa, Praveena, Pavrita, Jay, Sudahkar and rest of children and all the staff from F. Rafa Nadal/RDT.

Thanks to all of you for your great help, for all the Masala Chai teas and for all the smiles.

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