MATAOMBRES | Exhibition

MataOmbres 2018 Group Exhibition at Fundación SA NOSTRA

Palma de Mallorca

Nit de l'Art, September 2018

Curator: Antoni Torres Martorell

Organisation: Isabel Pizà / Fundación Vicente Ferrer

Group exhibition with the series of works created specifically by the artists who took part in Mataombres 2018 as the result of the project developed in Anantapur. I was honored to be part of this beautiful project which aimed to contribute to the promotion of the work made by Fundación Vicente Ferrer in India.


Series of work celebrating the Indian Woman created specifically for the group exhibition MataOmbres II.

These are all original paintings with 5 colour layer screen-print on recycled paper and they are an edition of 2 with different hand-finished backgrounds.