MATAOMBRES: The Anantapur Art Walk

Mural Painting | Fundación Vicente Ferrer


Mural painting, 25 m x 4 m

Location: Tennis practise wall at Rafa Nadal Foundation (Anantapur, India)

February  2018 

Curator: Antoni Torres Martorell

The Anantapur Art Walk (MataOmbres) is a public art project commissioned by Fundación Vicente Ferrer with the aim to contribute to the promotion of their work, be a gateway to their development mission and a way to raise awareness on health, hygiene, education and rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged people from rural communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in southern India. This unprecedented project links India and Spain through the works of 14 leading plastic and visual artists from the the Balearic Islands who travelled to India to create specific permanent works across the various facilities of the Rural Development Trust (FVF) including hospitals and schools. A collection of graphic art works created by the artists were sold via the Vicente Ferrer Foundation as a way to raise funds for the building of several schools in some of the villages covered under the RDT’s integral development programme. 

I was honoured to be part of this project after being commissioned to design and produce a site specific illustration for the tennis practise wall at Rafa Nadal Foundation Tennis Center in Anantapur.